Development Services for Medical, Research, and Commercial Partners

LifeMap Solutions works with you to create a powerful research or care app

Acceleration in the worldwide adoption of smartphones and wearable sensors has enabled an mHealth revolution. For the first time, consumer-ready devices are digitizing daily human behavior, generating millions of data points that can now be processed by the latest big-data tools. Overseen and interpreted by scientists, these new data sets are offering unprecedented insight into human health.

LifeMap was asked to join a select group of innovative research institutions (including Mount Sinai, Stanford, and Harvard) to launch Apple’s ResearchKit in 2015. Now, we are one of the most sought-after companies to work with due to our team’s deep technical background and our experience across mobile development platforms including ResearchKit, CareKit, and more. Our list of collaborators includes Mount Sinai, National Jewish Health, Stanford, 23andMe, and most recently, Medidata.

The mHealth revolution has expanded outward from the medical industry into the mainstream, opening up new opportunities for researchers, care providers, and commercial enterprises. Our goal at LifeMap Solutions is to make the power of the mHealth revolution more accessible to our clients. Each of our development services clients brings their own unique knowledge and experience, which we supplement with our expertise in medical science, consumer behavior, app analytics, and design. Together, we make the big decisions, drawing on our vast network of partnerships as needed to bring your new research or care app from concept to completion.

Below is our process for working with a client to develop a research app and its associated study.

Our Process


We work alongside you to integrate your design into a secure mHealth platform that empowers patients and collects an unparalleled amount of real-world data. Our team has extensive experience with all stages of design and implementation.

Working to your goals, we’ll build your fully customized app that satisfies your study requirements, delivered on time and on budget.


Any research involving human subjects must be reviewed and approved by your institution’s institutional review board (IRB). We will work with your IRB to facilitate approval of clinical studies conducted through smartphones.

This includes creating app mockups, completing technical and security documentation and designing clear data flows to ensure that personal health data is kept secure.


We can transform traditional research elements into visually compelling and engaging apps. We use an agile development methodology, which means you get frequent updates on how development is proceeding. This allows our teams to collaborate efficiently to produce the best application.

Our software-testing protocols ensure that your app exceeds the high bar of quality that your institution demands.


We ensure that launching your app goes off without a hitch by working with your own app-publishing team, or submitting your app for you into the Apple or the Google app store. Our technology team builds into our process the best practice of collecting user feedback and behavior data instantly upon launch.

This tight feedback loop allows us to optimize your app’s features and interface, maximizing user engagement and retention, and generate new features, as was the case with our well-received “Doctor Dashboard”.


Managing and mining the vast amount of collected information can be daunting, but our team of highly skilled data scientists can help you best utilize the data to further your research and transform findings into white papers.

Contact us to learn how we can help you launch your study or care app.

Example Products

Mount Sinai NYwith Mount Sinai
Asthma Healthwith Mount Sinai
MyHeart Countswith Stanford Medicine