Digital Therapeutics Platform

LifeMap digital therapeutic solutions enable care teams and patients to achieve better health outcomes at lower cost.

Our Platform Empowers Patients and Providers with Cutting-Edge Research Insights

  • Connected health devices provide a wealth of real-time, patient-specific health data that, until now, has never been accessible to the rest of the health care system.
  • Engaging mobile apps collect the data with user permission, operationalize evidence-based interventions, and provide patients a holistic view of their health.
  • LifeMap brings together the insights from scientific and medical research with a consumer-friendly user experience that makes cutting-edge science understandable.
  • Researchers can now study how well patients follow medical guidance in the real world and what techniques maximize adherence to improve their recommendations over time.
  • Care providers can proactively manage their patient population to serve patients better and meet important goals like preventing readmissions and other health care outcomes metrics.
  • Care teams can monitor patients more closely and intervene before a patient’s condition worsens instead of afterwards.


We empower and educate patients to understand their health and to make better choices for better outcomes.


We enable care teams to monitor their patients between doctor visits so they can improve treatment adherence, intervene in time to make a difference, and guide patients towards better health.


We partner with cutting-edge research institutions to build our digital therapeutics solutions using revolutionary big data analytics results and research findings on diseases, disease management, and patient care.