COPD Navigator

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The promise of the mHealth revolution is to empower patients with self-management tools that are engaging and easy to use. COPD Navigator is our first step to fulfill that promise.

COPD Navigator is an iOS mobile health application that empowers patients to better monitor and manage Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). COPD is believed to affect more than 24 million people in the United States alone.

COPD Navigator leverages evidence-based care guidelines, behavioral science, and patient data to empower patients to better manage their condition with the goal of achieving better outcomes at lower cost. An integrated enterprise version available now for clinical deployment sends real-time patient data to care teams for clinical management.

COPD Navigator has been built in partnership with Mount Sinai – National Jewish Health Respiratory Institute.


Who COPD Navigator Helps

COPD Patients Achieve Effective Self-Management

  • Track data including symptoms, medication, treatment adherence, and quality of life.
  • Visualize data in easy-to-understand graphs to recognize patterns in health history.
  • Easily share data captured between patient visits at point of care.
  • Avoid environmental risk factors with real-time alerts about local air quality and extreme weather.
  • Understand COPD and its treatment better with educational content from leading respiratory program Mount Sinai – National Jewish Health Respiratory Institute.


Care Providers Achieve COPD Quality-of-Care Goals

  • Monitor health status of patients with HIPAA-compliant clinician dashboard.
  • View patient’s record to see care plan adherence and symptoms over time.
  • Flag high-risk patients, set rules for event-based alerts, and intervene early with the goal of reducing the risk of “exacerbations,” during which symptoms suddenly worsen.
  • Send health alerts and reminders to patients.


Payers Reduce Cost of COPD Management

  • COPD costs the United States about $50 billion annually.
  • Much of the cost of COPD results from exacerbations.
  • Expensive treatments can be avoided if patients can recognize the signs of an impending exacerbation and take action immediately. By enabling patients and care teams to intervene earlier, COPD Navigator aims to help payers control the costs of chronic disease management while improving patient quality of life.

How COPD Navigator Improves COPD Management

Improve Self-Monitoring through Connected Health Devices

Real-time measurements from connected health devices enable better, more timely management of COPD. LifeMap and its partners are developing algorithms to detect the onset of exacerbations and help the patient and doctor to recognize patterns of concern. These features will enable the patient and care team to intervene earlier to potentially prevent a COPD exacerbation.

Identify Trends and Triggers of Exacerbations

  • Avoid environmental triggers with real-time local air quality & weather alerts to prevent exacerbations.
  • Track medication adherence to identify behavioral triggers of exacerbations.
  • Visualize personal health data in easy-to-understand graphs to recognize trends.
  • Identify trends so patient or care team can take action and improve their health.


Harness Big Data Analysis to Revolutionize COPD Management

As part of the company’s partnership with the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, LifeMap Solutions is working with the Icahn Institute for Genomics and Multiscale Biology to provide unprecedented amounts of secure, anonymized data to facilitate ongoing research into COPD—and eventually other medical conditions. The team plans to use this data to develop algorithms for predicting exacerbations, identifying effective interventions, and personalizing care plans based on demographics, lifestyle, and clinical history.


COPD is an expensive, progressive, and debilitating disease, but its impact can be reduced through good management, making it an ideal target for an mHealth intervention. Good management includes avoiding environmental risk factors, medication adherence, good nutrition, exercise, and timely treatment of exacerbations when they occur.

COPD Navigator empowers patients to better monitor and manage their condition to achieve better health outcomes at lower cost.