LifeMap Solutions Works with Stanford University School of Medicine Researchers to Launch ResearchKit App MyHeart Counts 2.0

Innovative new personalized coaching module helps users better monitor and improve their daily physical activity levels


San Jose, Calif. – January 10, 2017 – LifeMap Solutions, the digital health pioneer and co-developer of ResearchKit-enabled app Asthma Health, today announced that the company has worked with researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine to develop and launch MyHeart Counts 2.0. This version of the ResearchKit app-which is driving one of the largest studies of cardiovascular health ever conducted-presents users with graphs that show how they compare to other users in terms of how many steps they take each day, how happy they are, how much they sleep and the quantity of vegetables they are eating. Most notably, the app also features the Stanford Coaching Module, which includes personalized coaching that varies for each user, depending on his or her activity profile.

The coaching module will be rigorously studied and measured for its impact on changes in the activity levels of participants by researchers.

“The researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine have an unparalleled understanding of the value and impact of digital tools on medical research and patient health,” said Corey Bridges, CEO of LifeMap Solutions. “The co-developer relationship between our organizations is aimed at advancing scientific knowledge of major medical conditions through practical, effective, and engaging mHealth solutions.”

Version 2.0 of the MyHeart Counts app collects data about physical activity and cardiac risk factors that will be used to improve prevention and treatment of heart disease through smartphones. The app also allows users to monitor their activity and view a comprehensive assessment of their heart health. With the introduction of interventional coaching modules, participants are assigned one of five available profiles based on their patterns of activity. Based on their designated profile, they receive personalized prompts intended to improve upon their activity level. In addition to the new modules, the re-engineered app introduces additional graph comparisons and a graphical redesign of the app to increase engagement.

LifeMap Solutions was the only commercial developer asked to participate in the launch of Apple’s ResearchKit platform, with the app Asthma Health, co-developed with the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. To date, more than 8,800 individuals have joined the asthma research study in the United States, United Kingdom, and Ireland. The company also integrated a 23andMe ResearchKit module into MyHeart Counts and Asthma Health, enabling more than 1.2 million 23andMe customers to upload their genetic information directly through the apps. LifeMap now offers a full-fledged design and development service for medical, research, and commercial partners worldwide to make an impact through apps and other digital health initiatives. Through this service, LifeMap offers clients its deep expertise in medical science, consumer behavior, app analytics, and design. Supplementing the client’s own unique expertise, LifeMap guides the development, from concept to completion, of a new research or care app, scientific study, or other digital health product.

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