We agree with #7: ResearchKit is changing mHealth

 [iStock/© poba]

[iStock/© poba]

At LifeMap Solutions, we develop mobile technologies that empower our users and our partners to research, monitor and manage specific diseases. Of course, we have a “vision,” and we are really motivated when others see it and share it. Recently our Asthma Health app was featured in an article on Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News titled Ten Predictions That Will Transform Healthcare. That gets us excited!

The article outlines key new technologies

that will help deliver better outcomes with the promise of lower cost in the coming years. Prediction #7 was the growing adoption of health apps and the impact they will have on the way we provide and receive health care. Our work with Mount Sinai is discussed, along with the impact of Apple’s ResearchKit framework. We’re proud to have been part of the ResearchKit launch — it’s hard to overstate the importance and impact this will have on clinical research. As reported on FastCompany.com in April ‘15 “The next stops for Apple’s ecosystem, Tim Cook said during last month’s launch event, are the car and the home, but ‘perhaps the most profound change that iPhone will make is on our health.’”

With over 50,000 health apps available to consumers, we see a need for solutions that aggregate and correlate information so it can be used as a common point of reference by patients, doctors and healthcare managers. Without these tools, clinicians will be overwhelmed by the tidal wave of random data points, creating a greater burden, rather than solving a problem. LifeMap is focused on combining robust user-generated data from wearables with patient input and existing health records and turning it into practical insight that is directly actionable and seamlessly integrated into care teams’ existing workflows. While some see this as a prediction for the future, we experience it as our customers’ daily reality.

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