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Development Service
Serving medical, research, and commercial partners
Building on Apple’s ResearchKit and CareKit frameworks
Our world-class team guides development from planning through publishing results
23andMe, Stanford, and
Mount Sinai work with LifeMap to add new features
Asthma Health with Mount Sinai
MyHeart Counts with Stanford
NEW COPD Navigator app now available in App Store
Empowers patients to better monitor and manage Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
Enhanced enterprise version sends real-time patient data to care teams for clinical management
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Navigating the path to a healthier future

We work with health systems, research institutions, and health companies to build apps to gather important data and serve patients.

Our engaging mHealth apps empower patients and participants to achieve greater self-knowledge and a better quality of life.

Our apps include Mount Sinai NY, Asthma Health, and COPD Navigator with Mount Sinai Health System; and MyHeart Counts with Stanford University School of Medicine.

Our Mission

LifeMap Solutions digital health solutions enable care teams and patients to achieve better health outcomes at lower cost.

Our Platform

We empower patients and care providers with knowledge from cutting-edge research. Patients achieve a better quality of life, care providers achieve critical outcomes such as preventing readmissions, and researchers analyze the results to deliver continuous improvement in outcomes.

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Our Customers

LifeMap Solutions brings quantifiable benefits to care providers, payers, and employers.

  • Care Providers

  • Payers

  • Employers

Care Providers

Care providers deliver better care to their patients, manage chronic diseases more successfully, increase revenues, and achieve payer quality-of-care targets.


Payers manage chronic diseases more effectively, reduce expenses for care, and increase profits.


Employers improve employee health, increase productivity, and reduce expenditures for expensive conditions like chronic diseases.

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